Frequently Asked Questions


What types of people do you recruit?

Buffalo Staffing recruits thousands of people each month and literally covers ALL areas of employment.  Your company is unique and that is why it may be difficult to source niche talent to match your requirements.   Allow our dedicated recruitment specialists to alleviate these challenges for you.  Either Temporary, Permanent or Temp-to-Perm, we have the right solution for you.


What is a typical client for Buffalo Staffing?


​Buffalo Staffing had such an adverse blend of clients that it would be too difficult to answer in a single paragraph.  

Some are industrial and seek a welder or shop floor manager.  Some clients are physicians/dental offices and need medical assistants, nurses or hygienist. We even have clients who work in assembly line forms and some that use our custodial services.   We accept clients of ALL sizes, locations and industries.


​Where does Buffalo Staffing get their candidates?

Our massive recruiting network has a database totaling north of 100,000 resumes.  With the touch of a button we are able contact hundreds of unique candidates for your work.

Further, our team utilizes EVERY tool available including dozens of resume websites and advertisement listings to source our ideal personnel.


Who handles benefits for people we hire through Buffalo Staffing?​

We do. The difference is that temp hires have the OPTION to opt in to our medical and/or ancillary insurance(s). These are NOT paid for by Buffalo Staffing but rather the employee gets docked the amounts directly from Paychex (pre-taxed).


​How do we start using Buffalo Staffing?

Now you're talkin! For best results, pick up the phone, call 716.853.2100 and tell our operator what your industry is and you will be patched through to your personalized account rep. It's that easy!

If it is after normal business hours, you may email your requirement(s) to: or leave a message in our general voicemail box and someone will get back to you the next business day. We look forward to working together to provide your temp and perm staff!

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