Why use Buffalo Staffing?

ONE REASON: Because when it comes to hiring new empoyees, it's the best decision your business can make.

Financially it just makes sense. The major concern of a company when it comes to deciding whether to outsource staffing is money. In many cases our billable rate for an employee on a contract to hire basis is cheaper than what it would cost for a company to pay them directly. Seriously, ask around. We have the best rates in town.  Even without talking about our rates, when you make a bad hire it becomes very costly very quickly. I used to have a boss that would parade around the office yelling "hire slowly and fire quickly"! Obviously, working there was difficult, but I did learn something that I will take with me for the rest of my career. "Hire slowly and fire quickly" is a terrible way to run things. "Hire intelligently and watch your employee become loyal and devoted to your company quickly" is how things should go. We help you hire intelligently.

There are a couple different ways you can work with us. Our strength is finding candidates looking for a career as opposed to a job so we almost exclusively deal with Contract to Hire and Direct Hire placements, as opposed to temp placements.

Contract to Hire:

Think of this as "date them before you marry them".

Would you marry someone after the first date? No. So why should you enter into an employment relationship after one interview?

  • You simply tell us the type of employee you are looking for and we take it from there. 

  • We take care of all the sourcing, screening, applicant tracking, meeting them in person etc.

  • The only candidates you will hear about from us are the ones that make it through this process. In some cases we receive hundreds of applications for a single job, so we start with a great pool. Additionally we have several proprietary softwares that allow us to sort through literally thousands of applicants at a time, all to find your ideal employee.

  • We will not send you a candidate that we don't think is perfect for you. We aren't in the habit of throwing a bunch of resumes at the wall to see if something sticks.

  • You choose who you would like to meet out of the candidates we sent you, think they are perfect, and offer someone a position at your company.

Depending on what sort of timeline is right for you and your company, this employee will work their probationary period on our payroll. We write their paycheck, we take care of all Federal and State taxes, unemployment, worker's compensation, payroll burden, etc.

At the end of this predetermined probationary period we hope you are 100% convinced that we found you someone amazing who will be an integral part of your business for many years to come. If that ends up being the case, all you do is stop sending us their time sheet and put them on your payroll.

Direct Hire:
Many companies utilize direct hire for a lot of different reasons. Some of them include:

  • The employee is salaried

  • After their company interview the employer was positive about the candidate and hired them right on. (my favorite reason)

  • Part of the employee's compensation is variable (commissions or tips)

  • The job we are trying to fill falls into a category that we are unable to accomodate on our payroll for worker's compensation purposes (for example: Industrial jobs)

These folks will go on your payroll and we simply invoice a staggered fee over six (6) months. Fees for direct hires are highly variable and completely dependant on the type of job you trying to fill.







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